Hardware for tinyrocs is described below.

Bill of Materials

The bill of materials (BoM) spreadsheet contains the components used to build tinyrocs. This spreadsheet is the core document of tinyrocs.

The BoM also includes other tabs with various component options, such as different suppliers for RAM, CPUs, GPUs, watercooling setups, etc.

The speculated upstream tinybox parts are in one tab of the BoM.


For full details and latest data see the LibreOffice spreadsheet bill of materials:


Below is the bill of materials of the cluster as deployed and as being built. This is just a few columns of one of the tabs of the main LibreOffice spreadsheet.


See bill of materials for links to datasheets.


See bill of materials for hardware manufacturer qualified components.


In general, the hardware is proprietary from upstream vendors.

COTS Components

Widely avaialable commodity off the shelf (COTS) parts are preferred where possible.

Custom Components

Custom components, built per spec:

  • ADT-Link (Taiwan/Shanghai) PCIe 4.0 16x extension cables with redriver.